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Chandrima Roy Chowdhury

I came here for my hairfall treatment. After 5 HFCT treatment. I feel much better. I am very much satisfied after this treatment.

Kankana Samadder

My treatment contains skin, hair. So far the treatments are going on good. My skin has began to glow withgout acne and pigmentation and so is my hair. Less hairfall, no fungal infection. Totally cured. My skin was loosened. Did RF (Radio Frequency) and now has been tightened to an extent. I am feeling good, real good. Thanks.

Kaushik Shaha

I was really elated by the friendly and sympathetic doctors and staff of Elation. They are very considerate about every aspect of the patient. I was given laser treatment. I got rid of the mole by only 5/6 sittings instead of 10. Thanks to the expert hands of the doctor. Me and my family members are very satisfied with the expert professional treatment of Elation.

Monika Das

Elation hair and skin clinic was the name I read in the newspaper for the first time. With no idea and being so ametuer about my skin aliment, I came to this clinic with lots of hope. And as I entered the people here are so good they made me feel like their guest. Coming to the treatment part, doctors here take personal interest in treating patients. They also understand the procedure well and takes interest in expalining the procedures, its benefits and how to handle patients. Though the procedure is time taking which has already been explained to me. Now I fell I have made the right choice in coming to this clinic. Simultaneously I regret for making the decision very late in my case. Thank you for patiently hearing me.

Paromita Bagh

Coming to Elation, I am really satisfied. All members are very friendly and they suggested the proper treatment for me. The treatment is going on. Only after 2 peeling, my face is glowing. I think its a good platform to improve the skin texture for anyone. And the second thing, after taking the RF treatment I am feeling better than the condition which I had when I came there at first.

Priyanka Ghosal

Remarkable improvement in skin texture. Very homely atmosphere, excellent staff behaviour. Especially Ms. Arpita Mukherjee, Dr. Roy , Dr. Mukherjee, Moitri are very cordial and friendly. I am very satisfied with the kind of services that this clinic provides. I have recommended this clinic to a couple of my friends who has enrolled themselves for the required services.

Mr. Ranabir Majumdar

My hairfall treatment is going on from last four months and I have a positive feedback about that. Doctors and all employees are very co-operative with me. They all done a great job and I am very thankful to them.

Sangeeta Kundu

I am quite satisfied with the treatment. Though I cannot continue the sessions as prescribed. Behaviour of the staff are so good to be expressed in words. Thank you.

Jayanta Chowdhury

I am getting treatment from Elation for the last 6 months. I am satisfied with their treatment and hospitality.

Arindam Mukherjee

Me Arindam Mukherjee has come to Elation for hair treatment. I am going on my 3rd Meso and I am improving very well. Thanks to Elation and its team members for this support.

Navonil Das

Very good result. I have been taking the medicine for the last five months. I have felt the difference. It is really very good result.

Tuhin Dey

I came to know about Elation from one of my colleagues. At first I was a bit sceptical about the results. But as the treatment started and I was able to see the tangible results all doubts vanished! I am very hopeful for the end results.

Asit Baran Das

I am very pleased and I have got improvement regarding my requirements e.g. hair growth, dandruff clearance. Thanks to all physicians, staff who attended me.

Susmista Mukherjee

I am very satisfied with their treatment. They are very good. Doctors are very good. I am thankful with their behaviour.

Soma Chatterjee

Tanning was a mojor problem of my skin which was not easy to remove. So underwent the Anti Tan Therapy from Elation after which there has been a considerable change in my skin. My skin started looking more fresh and the complexion became more even.

S.N Mahajan

The clinic though small but very neat and clean. Doctors are very nice and cooperative with the patient. Patients will feel very much at ease. Staff and every person of the clinic are very cordial. I am very much impressed with the clinic. Thank you.

Hasibur Rahman

Came for treatment to prevent hairfall and if possible to make the hair line more dense. First day, I was assured about the quality of treatment and the right process of it. Now, after completion of almost my whole treatment package, I feel that I haven’t came to the wrong place. My hair density has increased as well as the hair fall problem is less. One thing that I would like to point out, that all the officials including doctors and other staff are very polite, helpful and decent. I am happy with the whole system.

Amit Mondal

Treatment over here is great. Especially the doctor and staff are very nice and helpful. Surely one would like to visit this place even after the treatment is over.

Soumya Kumar Das

I being a male of middle age was very much anxious about my above mentioned aliment. As a result of the said aliment , I was very much inconfident about my look and it created an adverse effect on my personality. Suddenly in the month of September 2012, I came to know about Elation from the two leading newspapers namely, ‘The Telegraph’ and ‘Ananda Bazar Patrika’ and decided to go for Meso Therapy at Ultadanga centre of Elation. My first impression of the doctors and staff of the institute is that, they are very much cordial and honest to their profession. The first session of my meso therapy started on 6th day of October 2012 and inbetween two sussessive sessions of Meso Therapy , Dandruff Control Therapy and Laser Therapy are provided. After three months of above mentioned therapies, my hair loss problem diminished to a great extent and signs of growth of new hair was noticed. At present 22.4.2013 after completion of six Meso Therapy , I am satisfied with the result and hope that my baldness in the middle of the scalp will be covered with new hair after the completion of rest of my session. I convey my thanks to all concerned of the institute and with that this institute will flourish to its fullest bloom in near future to provide better hair care and treatment to all the suffering people.

Bitan Banerjee

I am being treated for hairfall for past 4 months now. Hairfall has reduced, though oily scalp issue persists. Though very early , there is some visible hair growth. Hope my scalp will only improve from here on and I will regain my hair as promised.

Amit Kumar Bose

I had come here by seeing an advertisement in a well known Bengali Newspaper in December 2012. I have come here for treatment of dandruff and baldness . Dandruff has been controlled to some extent. I hope more improvement will the obtained by me at the end of the treatment.

G. Mukherjee

Firstly thanks to all of you, that I have been given an opportunity to express my opinion about your modern treatment and your service in this regard. No doubt it is a chamber for modern society as the latest treatments are available for the latest chronic problems of human beings. Particularly those who are wanting to be good in their appearance and looks. I sincerely hope for your growth with good behaviour and delivery in all respects. Once again my sincere thanks to all of you.

Rathin Mitra

I had come here exactly two and a half months before. I was suffering from heavy hair falling but my hair falling almost controlled now. Thanks to Elation.

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